Hot stone reflexology – Winter’s antidote

Hot Stone Reflexology – Winter’s Antidote…

With temperatures around freezing (here in Edinburgh anyway), what better way to combat the effects of the chill than through hot stone reflexology?

Heat is a great way to relax your body and calm your senses. So if you’re feeling the normal stresses that Christmas preparations bring, take some time out for you and treat yourself to an hour of utter relaxation and give your body systems a workout – restoring balance and improving your sense of wellbeing.

In hot stone reflexology, first, we use the stones to heat the body, massaging your legs and then we work with hot stones and fingers to heat and manipulate the reflex areas on your feet. It is incredibly relaxing. The heat penetrates the muscle tissue allowing your reflexologist to work your reflex points deeply, which aids healing.

This is also a time of year when there are more colds and flu viruses about, so we all have a greater chance of catching something. With more shopping to be done, more socialising to be enjoyed and all those last minute deadlines to be met, it’s no wonder that so often our energy is depleted by the time Christmas actually arrives. So as soon as we relax, our bodies crash and that results, for many of us, in a holiday period where we are tending a cold or flu virus, and feeling less than festive. Reflexology is an excellent antidote to this and can help to boost your immune system allowing you to fight off colds and flu.

It’s all about getting the balance right. Despite having the best intentions to get ahead of the crowd, it’s easy to find yourself with lots to do when the clock is rapidly counting down, and that can often add to your stress levels and lower your immunity.

With a few weeks to go, here are my top tips for you to maintain your energy levels in the run up to Christmas:

  • Get enough rest. Sounds obvious and it is, but we tend to ignore this one.
  • Plan ahead – for work, socialising and shopping. It makes a difference, and share the load if you can.
  • Try to keep things in perspective. It doesn’t have to be perfect; that’s way too much pressure.
  • Eat well. It’s time to take those Vitamin C and D supplements that you have in the cupboard…
  • Last but not least, try to take time out for some holistic therapy that will help your body to cope better with some of the stresses and strains. You’ll feel better for it.

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